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Let’s have a simply amazing wedding! They are amazing…but why? Simple, It involves love and who doesn’t love “love”.

A wedding is unique. It’s the only occasion when a couple will stand in front of their favourite family and friends and declare publicly that they love this person standing with them. A wedding celebration is often the culmination of months of planning and sometimes stress but on this one day you will join together in marriage and declare your love and commitment for each other.

Amongst the poems, the asking, the vows, the tears of joy will be the legal joining of 2 people. That’s what makes it different from any other ceremony, it’s legal.


You really want to marry the love of your life, BUT you want the day to be about just the two of you (with a couple of witnesses of course!).  Eloping allows you to have more intimacy and privacy during the moment you vow to spend the rest of your life with one another.

An elopement is a beautiful option for couples who don’t feel the traditional wedding route is the right fit for them. This option gives you the freedom to decide how to commit your lives to each other.  It’s a magical, intimate way for you to make your wildest, most romantic dreams about your wedding day come true. Without sacrificing a single intimate moment between you.

Have a destination elopement, book a lovely hotel in the Southern Highlands or around the Illawarra or South Coast and I'll handle the legals and the ceremony.  Just the 2 of you, with 2 witnesses, a photographer to capture the love in your eyes and me to seal the deal.

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MC Host

Wondering who can MC your reception?  Maybe old Uncle Bert can do a decent job, because he probably knows one of you quite well.


As your celebrant I will get to know you, who better to chat about the married couple than someone who has asked some great questions and maybe some awkward questions?  I’ll keep your reception running smoothly and on time.  I’ll deal with the venue, chat with the DJ and probably a lot of your guests. 

You need your MC to be organised, professional and unobtrusive. Your ceremony was all about you, your reception will be all about you and your guests.

Renewal of Vows

A renewal of vows is a touching, romantic way to celebrate your special anniversary with a wonderful, loving and relaxed renewal of vows ceremony.  It can be a time to reflect on the years gone by and to acknowledge once again your commitment to each other, a time to celebrate with your children and grandchild.


What a beautiful example to reaffirm your vows and to publicly show your love and devotion to each other in front of those most important to you. I can write a completely new ceremony or we can incorporate the wording from your original wedding service.

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Tiny Feet

Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a wonderful celebration to express the joy of the birth of your child. A personal ceremony to introduce your child to the community at large is the perfect opportunity to officially welcome your child into the loving circle of family and friends.

This ceremony is used when parents do not feel the need for a religious ritual. A naming isn’t just for your newborn it can be performed at any age.


I have done naming ceremonies for all the children in one family and it is a wonderful joyous occasion. I will supply certificates for you to commemorate your child’s naming day. Please feel free to contact me for further information.


Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday.”

When a loved one dies you want a person who will honour their memory and also help you to celebrate your loved ones life.

When the funeral is over I want you to have a feeling that everything was done to reflect who that person was, how they impacted on those around them, why you loved them and how you knew they loved you. I strive to create a funeral that honours your loved one and celebrates their life because a life lived is a celebration.


It is always an honour for me to assist you in farewelling your loved one with dignity and respect. I will be with you every step of the way.

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